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As a homeowner, your house is your investment, your shelter, and your comfort.It should not be a place you share with unwanted pests. The professionals…

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Commercial control of pests is essential to running a successful business. With that being said, a business can’t take the chance of having unexpected insects…

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For our builders, Knckout Pest Control offers pre-construction soil treatments and Borate wood treatments on new constructions. We pride ourselves being prompt and ready to…

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Know the Difference

Eastern Sub Swarmer

Formosan Swarmer

Ant Swarmer

Termite swarmers differ from each other as well as from ant swarmers, and identification is important so that you know what to look far in protecting your home. The Formosan termite is slightly larger than the Eastern termite swarmer and copper in color, whereas the Eastern termite swarmer is black. Both termite swarmers differ from that of ant swarmers in that they have four attached wings that are all the same length extending past the body of the termite, and termite swarmers have two body segments with a thick waist, instead of three body segments with a thin waist like ant swarmers. With this kind of recognition knowledge, you can know what your looking for when your next encounter with these pests occur.

For Our Realtors

Realtors have always been an integral part of our business, and we have always striven to make the relationship between us and our realtors a fluid one. At Knockout, we are equipped with Supra key access to save our realty agents the time of having to meet us at the property being inspected. We know your time is important to you, so it is important to us, that’s why we provide accurate reports on time to the closing agents with the availability of 24 hour turnaround when needed. We also have a special program for all our realtors to ensure that they have everything they need for their sale at the best possible price point we can afford. Real Estate Inspections are only $125.00, so call us today let us take control of your termite needs for your next sale!